The Thorngrove Athenĉum
of Baronessa Lucrezia-Isabella di Freccia
of Thamesreach Shire, Crown Principality of Insulae Draconis, Drachenwald


Due to the rather unexpected demise of LYCOS UK, my website will be unavailable until I have uploaded all the files onto my new server host.

My apologies for any inconvenience caused. I can be contacted in the interim at the email address below.

~ Christina/Lucrezia


Situated in the city named after her, the original Athenaeum honored Athena "...the glorious goddess, grey-eyed and resolute, of implacable heart..." Centuries later, the Emperor Hadrian founded a school in Rome and named it after the great temple. Eventually antiquity's houses of worship and wisdom were reduced to an appellation meaning "a literary or scientific association or club. A reading room or building where a library, periodicals, and newspapers are kept for use." Nowadays athenaeum also refers to places of continuing education, utilized after formal schooling has been completed.

These last two definitions describe the purpose of The Thorngrove Athenaeum, depository for my continuing education in the SCA - research, projects, correspondence, photos, etc - serious and lighthearted. I hope you enjoy browsing and find something of interest here.

Last Update: 23 April 2009